"And they're not children, they're teenagers."

Nightwing to Robin

Teen Titans are a group of superheroes that work together to help each other to control their powers.


Five Years Ago.Edit

The Teen Titans, consisting of Robin, Speedy, Bumblebee, Beast Boy, Maskwing, Speedster and Kid Flash have just defeated the Fearsome Five and The Ones. A portal opens in the sky, unleashing Gordanians after the alien princesses Koriand'r and Loriand'l. Robin and Maskwing smitten with them, Robin orders the Titans to protect the girl's. Speedy sends an explosive into the portal, which swallows the Gordanians back to where they came from and sealing the breach. A grateful Koriand'r kisses Robin and Loriand'l kisses Maskwing, Koriand'r explaining that her species, Tamaranians, learn language through kisses. Loriand'l also explaining that her species, Samaranians, already know the language the day they are born but my people do believe in true love first kiss. Koriand'r further explains that Loriand'l is from a different timeline, she my childhood, she was visiting my planet, thats my sister, Komand'r seized the throne in a coup, Loriand'l help me to flee from my flree. Loriand'l also explains when she help her out, thats when Koriand'r announce that she was as a trader. Robin offers them a place on the Titans until they can decide what to do next. Annoying Bumblebee, Speedy, Speedster and Kid Flash attempt to have Koriand'r kiss them by offering their knowledge of Spanish, unknown languages and French. Speedy, Speedster and Kid Flash also want Loriand'l kiss them to be her true love first kiss.

Five Years Later.Edit

Nightwing and Maskwing has rejoined the Titans, who now consist of Koriand'r (now Starfire), Loriand'l (now Bluefire), Baby Doll ,Beast Boy, Raven, Blue Beetle, Robin, Wing Robin, Windy and Terra. Their current mission is to break into a H.I.V.E. facility and take it out. Nightwing considers how to break in, until Starfire tells him that Terra will sneak them in with her geokenesis. Terra opens a path in the cliff and closes it behind them. Starfire and Bluefire lights the area, as Terra concentrates on lifting the bit of earth they're on. Windy is saying anything to them. Blue Beetle notes that the scarab doesn't like the confined space; it lashes out when a bit of dirt hits it. Baby Doll is standing next to Raven, the bits of dirt that the scarab lashes at keeps hitting them. Raven blocks a tendril with a force-field shielding them both, while Robin and Wing Robin threatens to "control" the scarab for him. Raven suggests fighting "somewhere roomier, like broom closet." Beast Boy notes he doesn't have a problem due to being a gopher before.

In the H.I.V.E. base, Mother Mayhem is contacted by an agent allied with H.I.V.E., who tells her that the Titans are about to break into the facility. Mayhem considers the warning not necessary, but is told by her contact that believing or not is up to her. He signs off, leaving her annoyed.

Below ground, Nightwing and Maskwing debriefs the team, explaining that their purpose of leaving the Titans before was to exclusively spend their time studying H.I.V.E; they are radicals and extremists who won't think about sacrificing themselves if it means killing them. Terra stops to take a breath, telling the Titans that they are currently one foot below the floor. She asks them who wants to "knock."

A hole is blown through the floor and the Titans jump out, with Starfire ordering them to attack. Per usual, the Titans have some trouble; Blue Beetle can't control the scarab well, Robin's and Wing Robin's attitude problem and Beast Boy trying to woo Terra and Windy. Seeing that the base has been compromised, Mother Mayhem orders a retreat to her assistant. Once they have loaded equipment into a truck, Mayhem thanks the H.I.V.E. operatives and "blesses" them with a swift death via gunshots. In the meantime, the Titans take out the H.I.V.E. agents, with Robin and Wing Robin noting that they prepared well for them. Baby Doll hitting the agents with her Piko Piko Hammer. However, more H.I.V.E. agents arrive in exosuits to buy Mayhem more time to escape.

Nightwing, Maskwing, Bluefire and Starfire tagteam and take out four suits. Seeing a control room, Nightwing and Maskwing races up to it, while the rest of the Titans fight the suits. Trying to break into the control room, Nightwing is covered by Starfire, Maskwing is covered by Bluefire who knocks out H.I.V.E. goons with their starbolts. Multi-tasking, Nightwing mentions that now is a good time to talk about taking the next step in their relationship. They manage to break in, and Nightwing and Maskwing starts downloading the files. Before Nightwing can finish what he was telling Starfire, the rest of the Titans enter the room, having defeated the H.I.V.E. exosuits. Seeing it's not going to get any better, Nightwing asks Starfire to move into his new apartment with him; he gives her a key. Starfire accepts the key, gladly. Beast Boy thinks Nightwing and Starfire believe they're too good to live in the tower with them now. Terra quips "Yeah That's the takeaway from this."

At Titans Tower, Beast Boy plays Foosball with Jaime in the lounge. Terra and Windy walks in, considering what to eat. They meets Beast Boy's gaze, and he gives them a flirtatious look. Annoyed, they scoffs and walks away. Winning the game, Jaime suggests to Beast Boy that he try a different approach if he wants to try getting Terra and Windy to like him. Hearing his phone ringing, Jaime got to take a video call on his computer. It turns out to be his sister's birthday; he sent her concert tickets to 17 Forever. His parents then take their turn, with the scarab reacting badly to Mr. Reyes; he notes it still doesn't like him. The call turns sour as Mr. Reyes voices his annoyance that no-one in the Justice League found a way to get the scarab off of Jaime; instead, they are teaching him how to be a superhero.

In the training room, Starfire, Li and Bluefire practices bo staff techniques against simulated Gordanians. Finishing their session, Starfire, Li and Bluefire finds Terra and Windy watching them; Starfire offers Terra the chance to join in with them. However, Terra and Windy declines. Noticing Raven and Charlie meditating near by, Terra asks Starfire if it's true that Raven trapped her father in the jewel on her forehead. Starfire explains that Raven's father is a demon named Trigon. She then adds, hesitantly, that they have issues. Windy ask Starfire is there anything els that we should know. Starfire told her lets about it. Terra and Windy leaves. The moment they does, Raven opens her eyes, seemingly weary about Terra and Windy investigating about her past.

In the Titans' computer room, Nightwing programs the computer to compile the data taken from the H.I.V.E. base with the data taken from two previous bases they attacked. The computer notifies him about new information on Brother Blood. A news interview appears on the screen, where Blood says that his church only strives to do good; however, the reporter then asks about the rumors that the church is nothing more than a cult. Blood explains that he believes in an America where all beliefs are treated with respect; it's a pity the reporter does not. He promptly leaves, ending the interview.

Nightwing is surprised by Robin and Wing Robin, who notes that Ra's al Ghul would have been impressed with Blood for being able to manage both a world-wide cult and H.I.V.E. However, Nightwing explains H.I.V.E. and the Church of Blood are the same thing; Blood only makes them look separate. Robin offers congratulations to Nightwing, seeing Starfire as an equal partner for him. Wing Robin offers congratulations to Nightwing too, seeing that Starfire is good for him. Starfire arrives next, fresh out of the shower, asking about the progress about the information; Nightwing explains that he programmed the computer to inform him when it finds relevant data. Robin notes it's not the worse idea he's had, earning annoyance; he thought it was a compliment. Terra and Windy arrives, snarkily repeating Robin and Wing Rabin. As Robin and Wing Rabin leaves, both of them is surprised by Beast Boy, who is wondering where Jaime went.

Terra and Windy points to a monitor, showing Jaime attacking a punching bag to the point it breaks off the chain. Hoping to help Jaime past his anger, Starfire asks Beast Boy, Windy and Terra to accompany him to the city to help him cool off. Jaime tries getting them to leave him alone; though Terra and Windy is fine with leaving him be, Beast Boy instead thinks friends should stick together. Spotting a soup kitchen, Jaime is reminded that his family volunteered at one. He goes instead, and meets a volunteer in charge; she accepts him gladly. Beast Boy is glad Jaime found something to make him happy; he tells Terra and Windy that even though they have powers, they're still human. However, Terra and Windy has a vision after seeing a homeless woman, scaring them. They promptly leaves, leaving Beast Boy concerned.

Elsewhere, Blood is visited by Mayhem during one of his blood baths; he killed the reporter that interviewed him because of his "blasphemous" insinuations. He tells her that they have nothing to worry about from the Titans as he pays their 'guardian angel" well enough to keep them informed. They later visit a lab, where Jericho is used to test a machine; it absorbs the strength of four other people and gives it to him. Blood reflects on how that bathing in the blood of his enemies has kept him alive for 900 years; he now believes it was so he could arrive in this era, where technology could make him greater. Seeing the machine is a success, Blood orders the plans accelerated. Mayhem shoots Jericho in the head, thanking him for his help.

Back at Titans Tower, Starfire decides to have a group training session to prepare them for unexpected fights. Blue Beetle and Raven face off, with the scarab using too much force in a laser blast. Raven tells him she is fine, listening for a moment to her father's voice from the gem; apparently, Raven disgraced herself with that failure, much to her amusement. Terra, Windy and Beast Boy are matched next, with Beast Boy restraining Terra and Windy as a boa constrictor. However, Terra and Windy suddenly snaps and calls up a cyclone of earth and ice, which knocks Beast Boy away. Before they can do any further harm, Terra is knocked back by one of Starfire's blasts and Windy is knocked back by one of Bluefire's blasts. Robin and Wing Robin tells Terra and Windy to control them selfs, both of them snapping back to their senses. Terra and Windy apologizes, while Raven offers to help calm their minds. Surprised that the Titans are not mad at them, they asks what's wrong with them and marches off.

At a cemetery, Brother Blood talks to the graves as if the people in them were still alive. This unnerves his contact, Deathstroke and Nacola; they have no problem with the meeting place, but they are not liking the idea of their client talking to himself. Blood explains to Deathstroke and Nacola he speaks to the dead, for no matter how rotted the corpse, their is still a wisp of life in them; sometimes enough to bring them back to life. This is something Deathstroke and Nacola is familiar with due to seeing Ra's al Ghul cheat death with a Lazarus Pit numerous times. They get to business; Blood asks the timeline be moved up a week. When Slade and Nacola points out it's not in their contract, Blood offers to pay double as compensation. When asked if them can keep up their end of the deal, the capture of the Teen Titans, Deathstroke nods and Nacola solemnly.

At the soup kitchen, Jaime works happily; he needed this work to help with his anxiety over being separated from his family. He accidentally burns himself on a tray, getting attention from his fellow volunteer. However, the scarab attempts to activate due to Jaime's increased heartbeat. He quickly hides in the supply closet, attempting to reason with the scarab; he explains that he is not in any sort of danger, just sexually attracted. To his embarrassment, the girl overhears him.

At Titans Tower, Starfire is packing up her belongings; she reflects on an amulet she had since childhood. Nightwing comforts her. Suddenly, the entire tower begins shaking; Starfire moans "not again." They, Windy,Beast Boy, Robin, Wing Robin, Baby Doll, Maskwing, Bluefire and Raven rush to Terra's room, where she is convulsing in her sleep and calling upon her powers. Raven attempts to calm Terra's mind, awakening her; she rudely tells them to leave her be. Windy runs in the room. Nightwing and Starfire leave; she notes the nightmare earthquakes are semi-frequent. Once they and Beast Boy leave, Robin asks Raven what she saw in Terra's mind; she tells him it's not his business. However, Robin tells her that everything that goes on in the tower should be the business of each Titan. Raven considers Robin's words.


*Koriand'r/Starfire (Leader)

*Dick Grayson/Nightwing (Co-Leader)

*Garfield Logan/Beast Boy


*Jaime Reyes/Blue Beetle

*Donna Troy/Wonder Girl

*Damian Wayne/Robin

*Sam Wayne/Wing Robin

*Li Grayson/Maskwing

=New MembersEdit

*Maze Garden/Wolf Bloom

*Charlie Wayne/Baby Doll

*Misty Walker/Mage


Former MembersEdit

*Karen Beecher/Bumblebee

*Roy Harper/Speedy

*Tara Markov/Terra (Deceased)

*Rocky Allen/Speedster